How to ask questions, create a project or other posts on mobile?

To keep up with the streak and with what is going on on-the-go, I use on my phone. Installed to my Android launcher as a "web app".
Using it, I noticed the button for creating new projects, posting questions, roasts, milestones or intros are not visible in any of the mobile / responsive menus.
Am I missing something, or is this a limitation ☒? I feel like everything that is just available through the right sidebar, is not visible in mobile mode.

yes I think it's missing. the idea probs is to have the mobile view as a companion to catch up w updates while changes are done on the desktop view :)

It’s missing because I didn’t have a good way to show the sidebar on mobile 😅

I’ll try and come up with a solution for at least creating posts/projects/etc

If you want some inspiration, I can check to see where I would intuitively look for it.