How do you read your IG/Twitter feed when following a lot of people?

It’s funny, but I just figured that most people actually follow 200-300 people on Instagram/Twitter. Personally I’m following 0-20 all my life.

Do you read every single post? Or at least scroll through every post? Or just read whatever comes first till you get bored?

I used to be a Twitter 'completionist', but at some point (years ago) there were just too many tweets. So now I just check recent tweets only. I kinda like how Twitter now surfaces the most popular tweets to the top so you don't miss out on the best ones.

On Instagram I follow fewer people so it's still doable to browse all posts.

No fomo. I read a little bit of my Twitter timeline whenever I go there or check my notifications/replies, or in an Uber.

Got an Instagram account that I visit maybe once every 2-4 weeks and check out 3 stories if I know the people, scroll down to see 2-5 photos and quit the app. It's turned into garbage.

I keep a private list of my personal favorite people (fewer than 10) to follow, then in TweetDeck, I have a column that only shows me their posts. This really helps me separate the signal from the noise. I also keep TweetDeck columns for mentions, messages, and certain keywords I follow that relate to projects I’m working on.