How do you organise your work day?

I recently moved to a dedicated office to work on my startup Shipr, and since the past week, I have been working continuously from 7 am to 7 pm, but by the last hours, I'm super exhausted and I can see my efficiency going down by a lot. Curious to know how much time you spent on developing new features daily. And do you focus on just one aspect for the day, like developing new features, or it's more like developing earlier in the day and then later marketing around evening. After purely focusing on developing the whole day for the past week, I've been thinking about trying developing new features before lunch, then after lunch doing bug fixings, optimisations and marketing. What are your thoughts on this?

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I cannot code beyond six hours of intensely focused coding work. That too is an outlier and the average would be more around 4.5 hours on a day to day basis. I keep the coding for when I will feel the freshest during the day. This varies as my sleep cycle keeps changing, but generally if I have had over 6.5 hours of continuous sleep, I make it a point to exercise and then after that as the body is recovering from the exercise, I can sit for longer hours with focus and that is when I code. Later in the day, I might do other work.

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