Singh Shashi


A person who loves to figure things out. Building @gettrici. Helping developers with easier and faster context switching.
Joined July 2021
publish releases file to s3
Update theme of website as per new design #trici
Review, test and merge pull request for the feature of creating clips. #trici
Fix: Auto Update was not working for Apple M1 builds.
Make Intro/Explainer video
Research on how to do IPC with contextIsolation true in electron #trici
Research how upgrading to newer version of electron will affect the current code base #trici
Send a notification to discord whenever a user signs up #trici
Change Sign up form to use New Api #trici
Create an API for capturing email and OS of the user when they request download#trici
Use AWS lambda to create an http API to receive feedback from withing the app #trici
Add Discord link inside the app
Analyse existing api for modifications as requested #consulting
Add title and description to landing page #trici
Create image to be used in landing page #trici
Implement Event Tracking #trici
Improve logging #trici
Fixed: Timer UI was not updating after user navigated and came back from another screen #trici
Refactor code to remove duplicate implementation of day plan #trici
Create a new build and update the changelog for the build. #trici