how do you manage your tasks? Stickers, trello or something. If trello, how do you arrange columns?

Trello & PostIt Notes -> Trello is where I get an overall view and organize everything. I then take the main task for the day and make postit notes to then keep me focused on one task at a time and only have one view of it. For my Trello To-Do board, it's arranged from left to right like this: Building > Done > Doing Now > To Do Today > To Do Tomorrow > To Do This Week > To Do Next Week > To Do This Month > To Do This Year

I like to use Trello, a typical Trello board for me looks a little something like....

Feature Idea > Promising Feature Idea > Backlog > Doing > Ready for QA > QA > Done

Got most of my personal tasks here in WIP. Things that need more elaborating (or notes for later) are in a Notion board.

Dev columns:
Backlog → This week → In progress → In review → Ready for testing → Ready for push → Deployed

General columns:
Idea → In progress → Done

WIP. I don't categorize them yet, things are either pending or done.

I use my own product: Amazing Marvin. I specifically built it for myself a while back because I did not like any of the solutions out there. And there are a lot! It's really about finding something that works for you. And everyone is different. Trying to find your perfect workflow is a journey. Just get started and iterate smartly (identifying what is not working and looking for solutions).