How are you using WIP? (pinned tab in browser, home screen shortcut on your phone, CLI, API, apps/integrations, dedicated browser, etc)

From what I see using the GitHub search, I can find different extensions, I'm curious about how people are actually using this website?

@marc, maybe you've stats about user-agents to share?

Thank you!

I'm using the official WIP Menubar for todos

For adding todos I use the Telegram bot, menubar app, and occasionally the website. (you can press N anywhere on the website to add a new todo).

Pinned browser tab almost exclusively. Sometimes telegram bot.

Telegram bot for me, always. On the alternate question, does anyone here use WIP with Trello?

Thank you for your answers 👏

To complete my initial question, from what I can see, you are naturally more talking about editing your own WIP timeline, what about the follow-up of what happens in the community?

@wilbertliu I don't use WIP with Trello yet, but that's my ultimate goal :)

That's my question too for a long time man. @marc knows best about this. :D

I just left a reply above. Not sure you got notified about it, so writing you this reply 😁

The majority of community interaction still happens in the chat. But me and @Jankeesvw are actively developing the website to facilitate it here as well.

The chat is great, but can be distracting and sometimes hard to follow. The website allows us for deeper interactions like this Q&A.

It seems like the notification system already works well to notify you when something relevant to you happened. So you post a question, someone answers. You get a notification email. That prompts you to check out their answer and perhaps reply to it. Which then sends them a notification email, etc.

That works well, because you already check your email inbox multiple times per day. And the emails are (hopefully) always relevant because they pertain to you personally and are actionable (e.g. we don't email you when someone likes your comment, because that's nothing you can act on)

But there's still the issue of getting people to the website in the first place. To post that question here. And to see what other people are up to.

For that we're experimenting with a weekly community digest sent via email. And also making the homepage more interesting to you by letting you follow specific individuals rather than every single WIP member.

We still have a long way to go though. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

I create and finish todo’s via Telegram. And I use the browser to see what others are doing.