Fellow job board makers, what are the top 3 tips to marketing your job board at the start?

Hi folks. I built a job board whereby we source eCommerce specific jobs from Linkedin & Indeed ( The jobs are hand-picked, we have a company list, we source new jobs daily, and i've currently hired out an SEO Specialist to work on creating 4-5 blog posts a week. Here are the 3 questions I have: 

1. What is the most important thing to focus on when it comes to marketing, in the beginning, to get traction fast?
2. Is creating profile for companies/applicants a feature you'd recommend in the beginning? 
3. Any tips?

Broad questions, I know. And i'm sorry. As I go along this journey I learn more about the specifics of what I should be applying, but these are the problems i'm facing now.

By the way - anyone who reads this (let alone answers) is someone I really appreciate so thank you. Your time is valuable, so it means a lot.


@marc & @levelsio I know you both are the busiest men in the world, but i'm going to tag you just in case you happen to have 5 minutes whilst drinking your daily coffee to answer this. If not, I totally understand.

For me SEO is the biggest driver of traffic by far. But it took me a few years to grow the domain authority (backlinks, etc) to a reasonable level. Then again, I'm by no means an SEO expert so if you got an experienced person on your team to handle that I expect it will go a lot quicker.

Thanks Marc. This has been true all across the board for a lot of job board builders i've talked too.