Shaun Smerling


marketer & developer.
Joined March 2022
Publish 2x Blog Types for Testing #ecomportal
Fix Blog Page + Company Page UI + Recrawl Page
Write 3x Blog Posts for 3x Different Topics, Total 9x Blog posts #hemingwavibes
Fix EP Meta Tags, SEO, Learn about how other indie sites do it
post EcomPortal on Product Hunt…
go over nodejs tutorial again
Ideate for new Ai product
Go through video 1 of Solopreneur Sprints
practice sales for tuesday
Release first MVC + make sure all pages are indexed by Googz
Finish SEO course + Setup GA tests proper
compress site images so site site speed can go brr #ecomportal
Add all new OR leads on LI
Create sign in logic & job post logic for employers
Send Angelica updated loom for Kaizen OR
Add Company Page Registration Form + Brand Directory + Company Profile
create filtered job pages by category / location #ecomportal
get pissed about bad habit of waking up late & decide to make a damn simple 60 day habit killer (
film update loom to all Kaizen potential prospects
make list of necessary updates for #ecomportal