do you have an idea for a .com domain name for our new nutrition project?

You choose nutrition facts and it gives you dishes around you.

which kinda sounds like dislocate so maybe not lol

Is it a native app or will people mostly visit the website?

In case of an app I wouldn't worry as much as getting the perfect domain (e.g. you could get a great word with the 'get' prefix or 'app' suffix). If it's mainly a website we might need to get more creative.

it's not a native app. Pugson, is taken of course :(

You might have some luck with a backorder if the budget is not too tight.

Why not use .io or .co? Must be .com? Almost impossible nowadays

I just remember @levelsio tweeting about hoodmaps' .com domain saying it's more credible to use .com domains.

Maybe we can start from anoter tld and then buy .com

sweeat - sounds sweaty or sweet. Not sure if it suits the product. Imo don't try to avoid .io or .co ... yes .com could be better, but you can always buy it later.

Only thing I can think of is "nutrieats".

my suggestion "", I always brainstorm ideas with give it a try.