best free alternative to Intercom?



Keep in mind Smallchat doesn't email your conversation or replies if the user closes the page. The only way to capture that lead is to reach out manually if they left an email address or wait for them to come back to the page on the same device with the same cookie.

partially true. Smallchat asks the user for email and name if you're not in Slack. You can have Slack email you. So, even though Smallchat doesnt email you, if you have slack notifications set up correctly, you still get the message, and if they've left an email, they'll get your reply. Not perfect, no, but very acceptable.

More of a hassle, imo, where you could just use Drift instead. That's a feature I would expect from an Intercom alternative. Had to find out the hard way on my own with #rayfeed that it doesn't work like that.

I hear ya. Smallchat did just what I needed, but it is limited. You do outgrow it quickly as your team/app grow.

If the visitor closes the window on a Drift or Intercom convo, and they clear their cookies, and they didn't leave contact infos, and then they come back on a different device or with different cookies, same issue.

But if they leave an email, they will get your reply in their inbox with Drift. They will not with Smallchat. That's why I would avoid it for any serious business.

With Smallchat, yeah, you have to email them thru your email client. Your reply within Slack doesn't get to them.

I use , it's free !

can't be blank

Easy to install and customize, I don't use the "Intercom button style" but a Feedback button in my menu and when customer click it's open a popup chat.
When you are offline you receive an email.
In the backoffice you can monitoring live activities.
I use since 2 years and I'm happy with it.

Check out: We are developing intercom alternative. It is open source. Let me know if u need help.

there is also which comes with a decent free tier