💻 Anyone got any go-to's for when they get a new Mac?

Raycast app launcher and a bunch of extensions in it. That would be my first step.

Never fully played with Raycast, will definitely check it out!

  1. Installing OhMyZsh, Homebrew and asdf.
  2. A different browser (Brave ftw)

These are my go to apps that I download on new mac
- Arc Browser
- Cursor code editor
- FridayGPT (my app)
- Muse
- Notion Calendar
- Raycast
- Reflect
- Screen Studio
- Things 3
- Warp Terminal
- Itsycal

Already a big fan of Arc and Cursor. Out of interest, on Cursor do you pay for the latter or provide your own API key?

In case it's useful, here are my Default Apps as of a few months ago:…

Thank you @jefftriplett I'll have a read at this!

Clop (standalone or as part of SetApp subscription)
Caffeine (various apps like this that do the same thing)
Unnatural Scroll Wheels - fixes the inconsistent behaviour between trackpad scroll wheel and mouse scroll wheel.
DBngin if you're a dev and want quick databases/Redis.

Those are the only MacOS specific things I'd recommend.