Any cool product for Christmas?

My mum is asking me, "Harry, What Do you want for Christmas?" haha I also got three brothers to buy presents for.

Was thinking of asking for "Offscreen". A magazine Marc recommended once.

Any other product you'd recommend? Something maybe which helps with Shipping.

oooh, I have the same question. I need to buy gifts for my male cousins.. We set a mutual budget of $20. No friggen clue what to get! >_<

Hmm Dunno. Anything < £60

But Ideally about £10 / £30 range.

We are not really doing gift in my family anymore, only for the small kids.

But i figure this year i'll be buying BTC to my family. I'll set a wallet for each of them worth 30$ of BTC... Sort of like an enveloppe of "scratch game / lottery ticket". Even if we lose everything, at least it will be an excuse form me to teach them a bit about crypto.

Yeah Offscreen is a cool mag. You could also ask for something to do. Like a gift voucher for an activity you can do with your mom. You could also gift something like that for your brothers. E.g. go midget golfing with everyone or something like that.

midget golfing. haha. had to google that.

nice idea though