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shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.
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Open Source and $ ?
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

you gotta keep launching and relaunching. In a way, making the project open source is just another type of launch and requires the same attention to releases.

Roast my new landing page
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

Instead of "Create short links with privacy in mind"... maybe something that people already grok right away. "Create GDPR compliant short links" or "Create CCPA compliant short links" for CA/US.

The cynical perspective is that w/o the javascript pixel embed or other marketing features, it's stripped down. Do users actually want this compared to bitly or sniply? Maybe agencies in Europe for GDRP compliance...?

The privacy benefit speaks to the user clicking a link, not the creator of the link. What's the benefit of privacy short links to the creator of the links?

Ad-blocker friendly short links?

Simple marketing attribution links?

What about someone stealing your ideas?
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

pick large, difficult markets. it won't matter... a rising tide lifts all boats. conversely, if there is no one doing the exact same thing, if may be too narrow... a feature not a product... or maybe the market is not there yet.

I've always found that telling people about what I'm working on led to progress, activity. whereas... working in isolation led to more isolation.

also, don't spend to much time looking for direct competitors or similar ideas. this has, in the past, caused me to spin my wheels and never get anything built. or in one case, continually redefining it so it was unique. I was building a product for a slidedeck, for investors, and not for the customer. kinda pointless -- regrets.

Product for podcasters
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

I've only dabble with podcasting so I'm probably the not right to fill your survey. It's an exciting area... been a user of Descript for 3 years. Tools like this are game changers.

I looked through the Typeform and 3 points of feedback.

  • You ask about Airtable/Drive/Dropbox/Notion but you don't ask about project or process management type tools... Trello/Asana/Basecamp/Teamwork/... I think that is an oversight.

  • I would ask about how a podcaster thinks about listeners and getting more listeners. It may not be what you have in mind but it's major pain point.

  • Consider asking free form question asking what their biggest problem is as a podcast producer or podcaster.

best of luck, -Loren

software engineer building tools for communities

Those are very interesting points. Thanks for telling this. After awhile researching and talking to people we understood that still "editing" is the biggest problem people face during podcasting. We're now trying to understand how our knowledge can be used to help independent creators.

To the fathers and mothers here - how do you manage your day with a full-time job, kids and your side-projects?
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.


I have two kids 13 and 10 years, I'm the primary transportation to pre-covid activities, soccer, dance, scouts... so I have experienced the same challenge at times.

  • Recommend waking at 5am - 6am in the morning and working before anyone else is up
  • listen to very familiar music on repeat or something like brain.fm to get until flow state asap; don't listen to podcasts or other audio during that early focus time.

  • it's easy to procrastinate until you have a larger block of time and waste time on busy work; ship whatever you can in that narrow time and leave yourself notes.

Good luck... -Loren