Roast my new landing page

Hey everyone,

This week I did another update on my landing page ( Added some more info, add the pricing, and added my terms and privacy pages explaining how I collect data and use it on the site.

Last month, I'm getting around 20 visits on average per day, but I can't be sure also if it's a user visit or a link visit which is a short link created by a user in the site and was visited by their visitor, it still goes through the site so it will be picked up by site analytics(Plausible) in this case.

Visits this september

Currently, I'm not sure what should I improve, and also having difficulty getting new signups and new feedbacks. Maybe just not market fit :D

Instead of "Create short links with privacy in mind"... maybe something that people already grok right away. "Create GDPR compliant short links" or "Create CCPA compliant short links" for CA/US.

The cynical perspective is that w/o the javascript pixel embed or other marketing features, it's stripped down. Do users actually want this compared to bitly or sniply? Maybe agencies in Europe for GDRP compliance...?

The privacy benefit speaks to the user clicking a link, not the creator of the link. What's the benefit of privacy short links to the creator of the links?

Ad-blocker friendly short links?

Simple marketing attribution links?

Thank you @winzeler those are really good questions to think about.

I think the features section has too much text. I would recommend reducing the amount of text or making the secondary text lighter

I would try to add some social proof. Things like testimonials & client logos.

Also the "features" section is way too much in my opinion. Try to make it a bit more visually attractive, and keep it short.