Product for podcasters


So I've been thinking about how the podcasting process and how it is so fragmentized between different tools.

I'm currently testing out an idea for podcasters to create a centralized management tool to ease the fragmented experience of creating & producing podcasts.

If you have a podcast and could spend 3-5 minutes and fill out this survey it would mean the world to me

Done. After working on a podcast for the last month, I can deff see the need for better tools. Good luck with the research.

My main struggle is there are a lot of tools, that you need to use, for editing, for recording for hosting, if you have a guest it's hard to manage all of this. You send a lot of same type emails, for organization and stuff. And I think it's not a me only problem.

I've only dabble with podcasting so I'm probably the not right to fill your survey. It's an exciting area... been a user of Descript for 3 years. Tools like this are game changers.

I looked through the Typeform and 3 points of feedback.

  • You ask about Airtable/Drive/Dropbox/Notion but you don't ask about project or process management type tools... Trello/Asana/Basecamp/Teamwork/... I think that is an oversight.

  • I would ask about how a podcaster thinks about listeners and getting more listeners. It may not be what you have in mind but it's major pain point.

  • Consider asking free form question asking what their biggest problem is as a podcast producer or podcaster.

best of luck, -Loren

Those are very interesting points. Thanks for telling this. After awhile researching and talking to people we understood that still "editing" is the biggest problem people face during podcasting. We're now trying to understand how our knowledge can be used to help independent creators.