Szymon Rączka

Szymon Rączka


Former video creator, now re-#buildinpublic. Burnout ended my career with 165m+ YT views but I'm not done creating yet. Making
I just finished up watching Daniel Vassallo's and Sean O'Down's live session - $500 on Upwork by Monday, and it sparked a realization for me. Instead of further burning my savings while pursuing my indie hacker goal, I should boost up my morale a bit by making some extra money from freelance gigs...
@marc, I've been chatting with some folks here and we're all keen on a silent coworking room on WIP. It seems like Hangouts, outside of the weekly call, isn't getting much love (I've checked a few times and it's been empty). Maybe we could rename it to Coworking in the menu, or even create a new ...
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Hey @marc, I think it would be cool if we could see those posts in the feed because that way they would be more discoverable than they are now. Numbers show that the Milestones are going unnoticed. I just learned for example that @daniel_nguyenx posted a milestone, that it's not only inspiring, b...
Hey WIP fam! I'm on the lookout for mac apps to feature on my newly launched site. I'm interested in those you can't live without or ones you think are just cool, even if you don't use them yourself. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!