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Which great software have you discovered which makes your life or work much easier?
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VSCode - My favourite text editor ever.
DBeaver - accessing databases remotely.
Insomnia - to test API's I'm building.
Telegram - Other than using it for communicating, I've made so many other use cases, especially once I started building bots for our home automation etc, server logs, etc.

Father, dev, entrepreneur

Awesome! what automation for home did you build with telegram?

When can you add the "As seen in" badges?
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Yeap agreed. A while ago a company used some feedback I sent them privately over email, as a testimonial on their website, with my name and profile picture. 🤦🏼‍♂️

I asked them to remove it.

What do you use for recurring SaaS billing?
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I use Flutterwave. Haven't tried recurring, but have had about $6000 in payments made through them over the last few months, and everything transferred to my SA bank account . Everything smoothly. Support via both Twitter and Email super quick when I needed something. Drop me a message if you have any questions.

Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa and looking to build more :)

Shot Ronald. Good to have someone that's been through it. Will shout if I have a question. Are you in the Telegram group?

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Yes I am. Give me a shout!

Should I give free memberships to influential makers?
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Perhaps use your own discretionary and decide for yourself whether a person would be a positive contributor to WIP - not only by constantly shipping and /done things with the bot, but being kinda active in the chat etc, that makes WIP what it is today in the broader sense.

And of course, by having said 'influencers', will probably increase the value of your product for a lot of users as a whole, simply by having them in the chat.

Best insurance for nomads?
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Also used Safetywing.... Never had to use it, but their coverage is pretty good for $37 /m.

Who uses Python here?
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Do you use vanilla python or a web framework like Flask or Django?

Making and

just starting with django

Any recommendation for an inexpensive headless CMS?
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I mean Ghost is running on my VPS and Gatsby is running on Netlify. @marckohlbrugge you should really make an edit or delete button. 🙏🏻

Freelance Software Engineer, India + Remote

Does ghost support server-rendering comments?