Which habit-forming app do you use?

What do you like about it & what do you hate about it? What more features would you like in it?

I am thinking of making an app in 3 days for & a habits app would be a perfect use case because I need it myself & it would be a great way to learn Flutter.

Some of my favorite habit apps are

Streaks - Amazing UI/UX

Super Habits - Love Github contributions graph & UI

HabitHub - Habit and Goal Tracker

Habit Bull - Daily Goal Tracker

Done : A Simple Habit Tracker - Very clean UI

Productive - Habit Tracker - Awesome Dark UI

Remente - Android & iOS

Fabulous -

Habitica - Gamification of Habits

All of the above apps have amazing UI, beautiful graphs & awesome UX.

My current MVP -
  • Github-like contribution graph
  • Light & Dark Theme
  • Scheduled Habit reminders
  • Beautiful Graphs
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Smooth animations
Is there anything you miss in a habits app?

I used several of these Habit apps, Fabulous stuck the longest.
1) it allowed me to divide my habits into morning, afternoon, and evening routines, and that really helped me get nice routines going in my life.
2) It also emphasised that I only add one new habit at a time, until it's truly engrained. Then it would show me celebrations when I engrain tiny habits. That turned into massive momentum, and for the first time ever I was actually able to turn many actions into real habits.

Thank you, those are the best. Habits that get stuck. I'll try to gamify it somehow but with time constraints I'll have to do it after competition I guess :(

Do you still use it? If so, what do you look at?

I don't anymore, habits I wanted to cultivate have become habits... will come back to it when I'm ready to build some additional habits that are on my mind

Cool thank you for answering :)

Maybe a telegram app, like WIP? Not really into habit tracker apps, but have a little paper system that kinda works.

Update: Flutter's 5kb challenge means <200 LOCs approx. so I'll be making something else but feel free to answer it because I'll be making an amazing streaks app :)