What do you use for recurring SaaS billing?

There are some products out there like recurly, chargebee and stripe has stripe billing, does anyone use any of those for subscription management?

I use Stripe for WIP's memberships and I'm very happy with it.

The docs are very well done, there are a number of official libraries for different programming languages and frameworks, and the dashboard is really good as well.

I haven't used other solutions, so I cannot make an informed comparison. That said, I do think Stripe's shortcomings compared to its alternatives are:

  • Complicated tax setup depending on your region. Paddle can handle this for you.
  • Not available in all regions
  • Does not support Paypal payments which can be issue for B2C

The benefits of Stripe compared to its alternatives:

  • Rich eco-system of integrations (#openstartups, analytics, etc)
  • Plenty of code examples, Stack Overflow answers, etc.

I'm very happy with Stripe and won't consider switching anytime soon.

Any recommendations for startups from Africa? I'm currently based in South Africa. Best I've found, at least from first impressions, is Flutterwave though I also saw Paddle recommended.

I use Flutterwave. Haven't tried recurring, but have had about $6000 in payments made through them over the last few months, and everything transferred to my SA bank account . Everything smoothly. Support via both Twitter and Email super quick when I needed something. Drop me a message if you have any questions.

Shot Ronald. Good to have someone that's been through it. Will shout if I have a question. Are you in the Telegram group?