Best insurance for nomads?

Saftetywing seems in favor now. pros and cons, or and alternatives? Thanks :)!

@daniellockyer and @levelsio what's your experience with Safetywing?

Tried world nomads also insuring a couple of device. Got a high fever in Bali trying to contact them and had troubles doing so. I needed to call a number in the EU and there was no other way to get them to call me. Managed to call them via Skype in the end but they weren’t that helpful.

After the call they didn’t even check up on me. A friend with a much cheaper insurance got a way better service (his insurance was the one you get with the Curve card/app).

World Nomads is way more expensive compared to Safetywing(37$/m). So i would check that out Francesco, or follow threat if there is better options out there. I personally get 3 months with my bank n26 - but then i need to top up for the rest of the year.

Also used Safetywing.... Never had to use it, but their coverage is pretty good for $37 /m.

I know the Safetywing owners and staff in person, and they are just simple nomads which makes it more reliable. Totally recommend it as it's very flexible