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Start w/ 0 streak and 1 free "cheat day".

Get 1 extra "cheat day" at streak milestones:
• 10-day streak? +1 cheat day
• 100-day streak? +1 cheat day

So it's still hardcore mode but literally one or two missed days won't sink you.

I considered cheat days (duolingo calls them "streak freezes") but they raise a bunch of additional questions like how do you earn them, how often can you use them, are they enabled by default or not, etc.

Not necessarily unanswerable questions for any individual, but I think hard to find something that works well for a majority of the group.

For example many members have a regular work/life balance, might not work on weekends so they'd need to be able to skip at least 2 days a week. And then they still don't have any flexibility to miss a work day.

Whereas for other people skipping 2 days in a week might be considered an unproductive week.

So while I like the idea of having a cheatdays (as it seems like many other members do based on the number of likes your comments got), I do wonder when it comes down to actual implementation if there's enough overlap between how people would want to see it specifically implemented. Maybe I'll run a poll to find out.

I use two separate input (number) fields for min, max salary. No dropdown.