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Joined October 2017

We're using Drag-drop third-party apps and auto-generate a document.

10% discount: (ref)

StickerMule for stickers. Spreadshirt for mugs, tshirts, sweaters, and other accessories

We built our own schedule tool with the Twitter API. Sometimes we use Buffer too

Using Sendinblue for now, but the Twilio features looking very good. Thanks!

Feature request:

Show media (uploaded media) on product pages. Made simple design:

Great idea and thanks for the mock-up! Will ship this soon

Show avatars on todos (same as questions like here).

Ah yes good one. Right now it's hard to figure out who liked the todo. You can see it for your own todos on the Notifications page, but indeed we should just show the avatars like we do elsewhere.

Thank you @marc. Yes, I started this adventure with one of my own problems: "Where can I pay with my American Express". Many other users in the Netherlands also have this problem. The backend/app is future-proof, so we can expand to other countries.

In 2018 I did freelance design/web stuff and YTCount was my job.

The credit card feature in Google Maps is boring, so I decide to make it my own haha.

Using it for a few weeks now. Never used any other tool. Recommend it, but it's very expensive.