Looking for working spots in Amsterdam.

I'm looking for nice working spots in Amsterdam that have a nice vibe. Preferably with other people that are building cool stuff. Used to go to Meet Berlage in the center but it's been kinda dead after covid. 

Does anyone have any good recommendations?

Spaces and WeWorks are genuinely good price/quality. WeWork is perhaps a bit more expensive but at least includes drinks :)

WeWork does look really nice but too pricey I think. Wish they made it cheaper to go just for 1/2 days in a week

Yeah, you're right. Although -- if you travel often -- their All Access deal is pretty great :)

Sure, ask a bit more specific perhaps? Cool stuff, mostly here:

More general spots:…

I visit WeWork from time-to-time, with the on-demand pass it is doable but could be a bit pricey. Alternatively if you are looking for something long term there is a truly awesome coworking space in the Adam tower (across the river on the opposite side of Amsterdam Central station) up in the tower with awesome views. No day passes though.