Slack-Discord Bridge


Building a Slack <=> Discord bridge for Nomad List
Launched October 11, 2021
#slackdiscord Write a shell script that autocommits a changed comment to repository which triggers a restart of the app which fixes Slack API disconnecting us after a while for unclear reasons
#slackdiscord Teach @levelsio about variable scoping
#slackdiscord Fix issue with usernames and channels in arrival messages not being replaced, because the Slack format works in 7 million different ways
#slackdiscord Forward arrival message sent by bot (e.g. "@pretzelhands just arrived in Manila, Philippines")
#slackdiscord Use Cloudflare cropping ting to correctly crop user images when we're sending as bot
#slackdiscord Add handler for "close" on WebSocket, because apparently after a while Slack randomly likes to send "close" events on the connections and then everything dies and it sucks and WHY SLACK WHY
#slackdiscord Add even more logging because Slack keeps refusing to send us reconnection attempts after a while and I dunno wtf is going on
#slackdiscord Close old socket connections when Slack asks us to reconnect because I think it's rekking the Slack connection eventually because Slack only allows 10 open connections to socket mode at once
#slackdiscord Integrate it so that messages edited in Slack are correctly reflected in Discord cuz apparently webhook stuff can be edited now
#slackdiscord Help @levelsio figure out why welcome message was not being sent
#slackdiscord Fix links being messed up when you combine a user mention with a link because Slack uses angle brackets < > for various things (e.g. users, links, channels..)
#slackdiscord Fix multiple mentions being replaced with single mention on the other side
#slackdiscord Fix messed up mentions coming from Discord
#slackdiscord Make sure that the weird Slack URL format <url|text> gets sent to Discord properly
#slackdiscord Add heartbeat msg every 5 minutes that confirms everything is running
#slackdiscord Add exception handlers to prevent app crashing
#slackdiscord Make sure that test channel is syncing
#slackdiscord Check why reactions didn't sync
#slackdiscord Add crazy amounts of error logging so I can see things better
#slackdiscord Make team on Discord so that @levelsio can edit the bot too