My Automated Server deployments
⚙️ added a few new docker-crontab jobs and removed some old ones #servers
fixed a toilet, mowed, ate tacos with the family, watched Stranger Things, and thinking about working on my #servers project
dusted off server tool and added support for the latest Ubuntu. thinking of finishing out the frontend with htmx now that it's more viable and faster than an SPA #servers
changed my mass project updated to use Python Invoke which makes scripts things easier #servers
updated firewalls on #servers
decommissioned a redis box #servers
realized tonight I can halve some of my server bills by consolidating a few servers and turning off a Redis server #servers
forked a chamber github actions repo to move some env secrets over to github with less hassles #servers
worked up a few bulk repo editing demos to try and automate small updates to projects. #servers
⬆️ Updates projects deps #servers
🐳 worked on a better docker volume backup schema with mixed results #servers
⬆️ Upgrading Django versions on a bunch of projects because of security updates #servers
worked on an automated backup/restore volume setup #servers
reworked default docs for build api #servers
🐳 started migrating one project from to which wasn't too bad #servers
🚀 pushed a new django build app #servers
Add docker-compose `--compatibility` flag to existing setup #servers
Add modd or some other global container watcher in a sub-container #servers
Add simple `docker ps` monitoring in a sub-container #servers
Add x-common-pattern to all container configs #servers