Buck Buczkowski


Building: Hotels (Sedona, New Orleans, AZ Desert) | Physical Product Ecomm (www.taglock.co) | Tech (AirCalc) || Learning: French | Interior Design
Joined May 2022
Anyone in Mexico City?
Forst $30k mo #taglock
Pass $100k rev for year #taglock
Realize infinitely more productive on weekends because no one bothering me commit to finding way to shut out most comms during week #personal
Meet @philipithomas #personal
Have first $20k month #taglock
Audit 3PL logistics charges against invoices #taglock
Add remove duplicates, remove hotels to upload flow #aircalc
Landing page first two sections #aircalc
Analysis of interior options for Boulders modular units #hotels
3PL invoice audit check if overpaying but we're good #taglock
email Brandon to confirm first sync up call on TagLock Amazon ads #taglock
email Best Buy wholesale rep to gauge demand #taglock
Tent option email for Brimhalls by Friday 5/13 #hotels
Boulders meeting agenda #hotels
Follow up with solar guy #hotels
Boulders 5.16 mtg agenda out and materials gathered #hotels
complete draft email for Tzvi and to Grant/Ben #hotels
AirCalc website hero section
Track finance transactions Master Budget, reimbursements #personal