Your product is mute, can you make it talk?

(this is question is in addition to the audio message that I just shared with you in the Telegram WIP chat group)

I’m currently offering audio-only story-based ads for small companies and solopreneurs that I personally like while building my dream storytelling company, #suse (susé patrola).

It’s a weekend hustle.

All of the surplus money I gain from my Mon-Fri text jobs, I put into the company.

My question is:

Would you be interested to get a pro-bono story-based audio-ad for your product?

If yes, what would be your preferred podcast to hear your ad at? (I can’t promise your ad will make it into the podcast, but I will certainly reach out to the hosts.)

I’m offering it pro-bono for the first few companies/products. Not sure for how long. This is a limited offer since I’m not running it as a not-for-profit.

After that period, I’ll be charging 250 EUR for a 30-second ad - considering that I’m paying a professional voiceover talent to read the ad (they’re not cheap) and considering that @aleramon’s sound design consultant services is baked into the service to make sure you get top-notch audio quality. (And some profit margin would also be nice though breaking even would work in the beginning too.)


Here’s what you’d get:
  • An ad of 30 to 90 seconds for your product with well-written sales copy (I’m writing it myself).
  • High-quality sound/music production
  • An asset that you can use for your social media marketing of your product.
  • A true differentiator from the others in the market. It’s not about being fancy that you run an ad. It’s about making the story of your product come to live through an audio experience that immediately affects the listener.
  • An audio file that you can use yourself in any way you want (you get all the usage rights). You can add your visuals to it or make it a Descript audiogram.
  • You can play the ad wherever you please (it’s your file). However, as @Marc pointed out to me, your ads could be played on podcasts that you like. Or… on Twitter as a “promoted tweet” with a static image (e.g. your product logo or artwork) with an animated spectrum analyser in the front. The options are abundant.
  • Last but not least, the chance for you to afford running an ad that you would normally not consider at all.

Why I’m doing it?

I want to get thing off the ground with susé, and I believe that’s the best way to go while providing value to you at the same time.


There are more details about my offer, e.g. the structure of such an ad. If you’re interested I would send you the complete information via email.


Would you like to have a story-based audio-ad for your product and pay nada for it?

I can’t make it more of a no-brainer offer than it already is.

Ok, here’s one more (real) limit:

I will only be able to produce up to 12 of those ads in 2021, and it’s first come first serve. So, if you’re number thirteen, you would have to wait until 2022, and I cannot guarantee that this would be pro-bono offer for you then.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Any questions, please do ask. I’d be happy to answer them :)

- Alex

Yes please! For #nomeattoday.

Cool!! You’re number 1, Arnaud :) I will send you all the details and the timeline this Friday so you know when you can expect the ad for No Meat Today to be done. :)