Your favorite VPN provider?

I use PIA for spoofing locations and unlocking region-locked content. Lots of servers available. Not for privacy. They are 🇺🇸️ based.

For privacy I can recommend NordVPN.

For security outside of home I use my own VPN on a home server to channel all traffic.

I use ( ), formerly known as Cloak.

On their website they mention they do keep logs for a week I think. For compliance reasons. I use them for some added privacy when connecting to unknown wifi networks. There's no guarantee they aren't looking at my data however, but that's true for any VPN providers as far as I know.

Reason I chose is for their software. It automatically turns on/off on macOS and iOS based on which networks you trust or not. (Default is not to trust any).

I also tried TunnelBear, which looked great, but they block bittorrent traffic.