Would you sign up for a weekly WIP email digest? #wip

See for what it would contain.

Probably not since I'm actively up to date with what's going on here.

What about the personal summary of your recently completed todo's (perhaps for motivation and making sure you're working on the right things), and recently added pending todo's (as a reminder) ?

Also a nope — I'm on top of my pending todos multiple times per day and check the completed ones at the end of the day.

However a more analytical approach that shows charts and how many todos I've completed each day/week/month, maybe when I'm most productive (time of day) would be nice to have.


Having a trendline comparing to last week/month would be cool!

Ah yes in the early days I actually prototyped something like that for myself. Where it would challenge me to beat last week's number of completed todo's. But now I don't feel like the quantity of todo's is that meaningful. Sometimes you complete one really important todo (that may or may not have taken a lot of work), and other times you complete a bunch of (possibly smaller) todo's that are not necessarily that useful.

And thus the Agile world invented velocity points and all teams rejoiced.

No need. I have the app opened on my second screen all the time.

I think i would. Had to be out two weeks and have no idea what projects were launched. Also could be interesting knowing about the launch of this projects and other information after launch like MRR, active users in the projects.

I’m not a big fan of newsletters. After sometime they become norm and never really open them to read more like mark as read. Mostly because I feel it’s just an update and probably normal. Could you try push notifications? Push more information through push notifications. They are the new emails to me

Yep, I sometimes cut out from all social media so that's when I am not active. So will need it then. Also, graphs are better than showing all the todos. Sometimes todos will be a lot. Or a personalised newsletter would be much better. Like we choose if we want to see new products or todos.

Yes, I would love to get a weekly digest. It would motivate me to work harder!

I'd love a little digest of launched products with perhaps a word or two from each maker.

Stuff like how long it took to make and how the WIP community helped them etc

That's a great idea, +1

I'd give it a look for a couple of weeks.

I think a WIP Channel on Telegram that sends out important updates periodically would be ideal.. Way better than email..

a telegram channel can be excelent, but it not give you the flexibility for a newsletter.

True.... but on the other hand, you can publish more without giving it at spammy feeling that emails does when it comes too often.