would you place affiliate ads on an MVP?

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I thought affiliate marketing is dead?

fuck facebook

If it's a free product and they fit the target demographic then why not.

last of the young and famous writers -

imo waste of time

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thanks for responses everyone ( i couldn't sign in before). I think I might see where my audience is from before putting ads. So if I get lots of Americans i don't want to have a UK affiliate programme ad.

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Not in a MVP. maybe later on. Depending on the users, it it fits them.

As an affiliate I'd say no, it will distract from your product's goals and reduce the focus on conversions. However if you are building a mailing list of people interested in your product(s) there's no reason you couldn't send the occasional related affiliate link to prospects who didn't convert

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to clarify it's for a skiing website - so I would have ads for skiing holiday/ gear etc. So ads that fit the product, not random ads.

Its probably a really good fit then, especially long term, but I still aim to under monetise my sites until they get some traction. At MVP your traffic, and so affiliate conversions/revenue will be really low. What if you miss out on early press exposure, links or signups due to looking 'too commercial' - for the sake of $20 in commissions?

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