Would you contribute to WIP’s codebase if it was open source? #wip

There are many talented maker in the community and WIP's todo list is ever-growing.

I'm looking at a few different options to help speed up development. One of them is making the code (semi) open source so community members can contribute code.

At least initially I would still be the one deciding which functionality to add, but the actual coding of it could be distributed in some fashion. For example some people have asked for API write access which I just haven't come around to yet, but I'm open to accept a pull request for it.

Since WIP is a for-profit product I'm also curious to hear if and how you'd like to be rewarded for any code contribution. I'm open to all kinds of ideas from bounties (e.g. I say there's a budget of $500 to build feature x which perhaps other members could add to) to free memberships, etc.

def yes! Community is great and would be great to able to participate in its development. Also like the idea of bounties, maybe not directly in dollars (I think could become a race to implement something instead of something to enjoy and do well), but maybe in membership or other community-related aspects. Having a private repo where it happens discussion on new features, and where a maker (or a group) gets selected to implement that feature would be awesome.

Totally! Such a clear way to help the community and ones own benefits from it.
Regarding rewards I think recognition within the community is important. Free or discounted memberships is also a good motivator I think. All in all keeping all rewards inside WIP

I would be happy to contribute, yes. I mean, I'd totally be happy to work on it as a freelancer (hint hint 🤑), but bounties seem like the most fitting idea to me. The question then is how to distribute said bounties when multiple makers work on the same feature. But if you would decide to distribute WIP-based rewards that would be fine too!

Yes, I would. At least on the front-end to make things better for mobile.