Would you be interested in helping new WIP members get up-and-running? #wip

Jumping into the group chat can be a bit intimidating for new people. There are a lot of discussions going-on, inside jokes, most people already seem to know each other.

I try to personally welcome each new member and guide them through using WIP, but it's getting harder as WIP grows. I'm wondering if we can use the size of our community as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

What I'm thinking about now is to have existing members be able to volunteer to get tagged to a handful of new members each week and take the responsibility to welcome them, help them with any questions, and empower them to add their first todos, etc.

What do you think?

Cool! Some suggestions: It can be a switch to enable/disable, it can have positive effects e.g. some kind of mentoring karma? to encourage you

Great idea!

Took me some time to figure out all of that animal pictures and COME TO BRAZIL jokes ahaha.

I would love to help new members. As @morajabi0 put it, a "karma system", to reward people could be a good idea.

@lenilsonjr animal pictures? where?

otherwise, i'd be cool also with helping new members, but as Mo suggested, a quick switch somewhere to be able to opt out during holidays or time of travel would be helpful.

This is a great idea and as a recent WIP-newbie I would’ve loved to have a member/mentor to ask some dumb questions!
I’d gladly participate in helping the community with this 👍🏼
PS. I also believe it could be mutually beneficial for both parties with having a more enforced personal contact. Allowing other forms of discussion.
Of course this is possible by just sending a PM today but by it being enforced by the system it would feel more OK. It’s my feeling at least.

OK. I am however not on the chat for most of the day, but happy to assist.