Asked api?

Is there (or any plans for adding) a WIP api?

Asking because a lot of my work is tracked in GitHub atm for other workflow purposes. It would be really cool to have a simple GH action that created/closed todos if a "WIP" label was added to them and the ticket is closed. I feel a bit silly atm to map them over manually bingo!

Let me know if you need any help using the API!

@marc Any advice for learning GraphQLl in the Rails world? All the resources seem to revolve around Node, and I have trouble going through those tutorials.

You can use this code as a starting point:…

I don't have any great resources other than that, but I think if you just tweak the query it should go a long way.

You can also experiment with queries on

Thanks @marc - I meant the inverse. Do you have any good resources on how to learn + set up a graphql server without knowing Node?

I'm building something, should be live soon. Building a bot

I tried to make something in JS, equivalent to the Ruby but it looks buggy for me.

My final goal is to make a bash command with this api, like wip "nailed it"

I'm not neither able to do much with graphiQL. I still suck with GraphQL.
Here is a link of repo and graph queries that failed if you can help :)…

totally glanced over it in the More menu