Why go with a hosted service over downloading an SDK?

I'm thinking of building a hosted version of Doka Image Editor #doka
- image (re)editing
- uploading
- hosting
- linking

As a developer I'm struggling to find reasons (apart from lacking dev skills) to go with a hosted service instead of purchasing the Doka SDK itself.

So I'm looking for some other insights. Why go with hosted service over downloading the Doka SDK and integrating manually?

  • Built-in CDN (maybe with imgix-like features)
  • Drop-in integration for code frameworks like Rails (minimal setup required)

Thanks Marc. The second point I had not considered.

Why would you wanna get into hosted service? I believe currently you've a perfect model where you don't have to deal with logistics issues and you can just keep improving the SDK.

Having a service would make it possible to set up plugins for no-code solutions, it's very difficult to do this with the SDK as that requires code to be written. The less friction to get started the better.