Why go with a hosted service over downloading an SDK?

I'm thinking of building a hosted version of Doka Image Editor #doka
- image (re)editing
- uploading
- hosting
- linking

As a developer I'm struggling to find reasons (apart from lacking dev skills) to go with a hosted service instead of purchasing the Doka SDK itself.

So I'm looking for some other insights. Why go with hosted service over downloading the Doka SDK and integrating manually?

Maker of WIP amongst other things.
  • Built-in CDN (maybe with imgix-like features)
  • Drop-in integration for code frameworks like Rails (minimal setup required)

Thanks Marc. The second point I had not considered.

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Why would you wanna get into hosted service? I believe currently you've a perfect model where you don't have to deal with logistics issues and you can just keep improving the SDK.

Having a service would make it possible to set up plugins for no-code solutions, it's very difficult to do this with the SDK as that requires code to be written. The less friction to get started the better.

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