Who should I contact for sponsorship?

Hi Everyone,

So, Currently, I'm creating a huge list of the companies, where I want to contact and ask for sponsorship for my project. But I'm a little bit confused, because to whom I should reach out and ask for a sponsorship? Should I reach out to any specific team(marketing, CEO, etc) or like just contact us by email. for example:([email protected])

Who should I contact? Which one I should choose?

@marc @levelsio @AndreyAzimov @nilsw 

If you guys can help a little. :) That would be a very helpful.

Also, if there is any email template with better English. Can you guys please help with that? 

Thanks in advance.


I haven't had much luck yet with outbound sales. All sponsorships I've sold so far are from inbound emails.

But if you do want to reach out, you'll want to contact whoever is in charge of paid acquisition.

You'll need some decent traffic numbers to get them interested.