Which websites do you frequently visit? Tell us your secret gems

Except for email and social media (Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn, Telegram/WhatsApp, Nomad List, FB), I visit and interact in my topic-centric communities (copywriting community:, creator’s business community:, and though I prefer the Q&A and Roasts at WIP, not so much the Telegram group chat). I don’t check daily news because they don’t matter. Instead, I'm receiving all the important news that matter to me via email, f2f conversations or through word of mouth (hearsay).

TIL f2f conversations 😂

Good to know your different sites. Two of them I didn't knew :)

And regarding news, they are the events that have already happened & there is nothing we can do about it except get angry or spoil are mood so even I don't pay attention to news anymore. Stopped reading newspaper for the same reasons. But if someone is sharing something too much, then I check it out otherwise I also don't like it.

I’m glad you enjoyed what I wrote ;) And I agree: If some news are so „important” (whatever that means) then it will pop up at some place or another, and that’s when I’ll check. Apart from that I’m happy to be in liaison with JOMO (joy of missing out) for sanity reasons.

Twitter, (Russian business site that focuses on tech), and a lot of Feedly, which makes it possible to stay within one app and read all I need to know, instead of browsing a ton of websites. I miss old school RSS readers, lol.
And of course my main project gets a ton of daily visits from me 😅

Ahaha love SEO Bots which I already told u 😂

In my case,
(aside from my servers, major social media and the listed sites above)
it's all about saving money.

    Quality of their lifetime deals are varied, but sometimes you can find gem deals which you can replace your ongoing subscription products.
    Also, they are very good at marketing and copywriting, so you can learn a business strategy from them

    being a cat lover and not earning enough to afford the rents in Europe, I do housesit to get a place to sleep... and lovely cats😍

    When the housesitting plan falls back, and there's no friend's place to crash on, I go with CF often. I made a lot of friends on my way of travelling while staying with local people.

(This is not exactly a website, but it aligns with my websites choice)
4. Too good to go
You can get soon-to-expired/expired-but-still-good food at a reasonably discounted price.

If you have any money-saving website recommendation, please let me know 😂

Wow your list is so cool. Appsumo is cool for buyers but not for creators AFAICT. I didn't know about pet housesitting. That's such a fun thing to do. Couchsurfing sounds awesome too. Not into pets 🙈 but I'd definitely do Couchsurfing someday. Your life is definitely interesting. Honestly, I think this was the answer I was looking for 😂

I think you forgot to add #4. What kind of money-saving websites recommendations do you exactly want? I know about Setapp if you use a Mac.

hehe, i'm of course on setapp! and I got its discounted subscription on they sometimes sell 50% off membership there for limited-time such as black friday. but as they grow bigger, I'm not sure they'll do it again, though.

app sumo is not always good for creators, but sometimes we have to buy something, and which case it's good.