Which sites do you go when you need to find design resources?

Quite often it's challenging to find what you are looking for during a design process. Are there any sites that you refer to whenever you need a design asset, article, or inspiration? Or do you just Google?

I check sometime but I have my own repository saved on notion :)

I save mine in an Obsidian note

I'm planning to try Obsidian as the main note taking app. I tried everything except that one 😅 Are there any downsides about it you can tell?

Didn't know about it! Looking great. Thanks Vijay!

If I'm designing a Saas then I typically look at
For landing pages, can be useful.

As an aside, I just browsed through these two sites recently and compiled several layout patterns — that'll be useful for creating any sort of layouts easily and quickly.

Thank you Zell! I'll check saasinterface ✅

Ohhh saasinterface looks so nice. Too bad it's paid.

I go to Behance and Dribble for inspiration
For specific things like newsletter or website design, I check competitor's designs and templates
Creative Market is great for social media as well

Been a long time not using Behance for inspiration. I guess I don't like the experience of browsing between different pages.

I have old habit of visiting first then Google.

I've always liked by George Hatzis for design checklists

Thank you for your reply Tom! It's really a good one 👌

I save all mine in my notes app and only the ones of quality that I'll want to reference over the course of a year - the sites depend on what asset I'm looking for in particular (for example there a bunch of illustration players these days so I'm often on Lottie, Icons8, Blush etc if the project doesn't include custom illos).