which email client on mac do you guys prefer? which used to be Nylas N1 (Mail) before they killed it

Nylas Mail (but now trying MailSpring thanks to Pug Pugson)

MailSpring looks Amazing!
Thanks :)

Spark! I'm snoozing everything, it's so nice. 🙌🏻

As less mail as possible. But when needed Spark.

I used to be a big fan of Gmail or Mailplane (which is a native wrapper for Gmail). A few months ago however they removed the Quick Labels (or whatever it was called) which I used for quickly filtering my email. Since then I switched to macOS' and I really like it.

The Smart Folders are nice to filter your emails. For example I have a Smart Folder for "Unread Notifications" which shows all my automated emails (newsletters, social media updates, etc) and only shows emails that are unread. So the moment I open an email, it disappears from that list. That way I can go through these emails real quick without needing to manually archive them. (They are already archived the moment they reach my inbox).

I'm also experimenting with a "Yesterday" Smart Folder so I can process recent emails without new ones being added throughout the day. This way I have a list I can actually finish and feel like I make progress.

Then there's one called "Old Inbox" which shows very old emails that are still in my inbox. Generally I can go through these quite quickly and archive most of them.

I don't use email much on my iPhone, but when I do I use the standard Mail app.