which email client on mac do you guys prefer?

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fuck facebook which used to be Nylas N1 (Mail) before they killed it

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Astro and/or Spark

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Nylas Mail (but now trying MailSpring thanks to Pug Pugson)

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MailSpring looks Amazing!
Thanks :)

Spark! I'm snoozing everything, it's so nice. 🙌🏻

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I use AirMail

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As less mail as possible. But when needed Spark.

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I used to be a big fan of Gmail or Mailplane (which is a native wrapper for Gmail). A few months ago however they removed the Quick Labels (or whatever it was called) which I used for quickly filtering my email. Since then I switched to macOS' and I really like it.

The Smart Folders are nice to filter your emails. For example I have a Smart Folder for "Unread Notifications" which shows all my automated emails (newsletters, social media updates, etc) and only shows emails that are unread. So the moment I open an email, it disappears from that list. That way I can go through these emails real quick without needing to manually archive them. (They are already archived the moment they reach my inbox).

I'm also experimenting with a "Yesterday" Smart Folder so I can process recent emails without new ones being added throughout the day. This way I have a list I can actually finish and feel like I make progress.

Then there's one called "Old Inbox" which shows very old emails that are still in my inbox. Generally I can go through these quite quickly and archive most of them.

I don't use email much on my iPhone, but when I do I use the standard Mail app.

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