Where are you now and where do you plan to be during summer?

Hi all,

I had wonderful time recently in Bangkok (and meeting some people like @ben ). I wonder where is everybody going to be this summer?

I am back to Czech Republic for the time being but might cook up a trip later.

In the islands in Thailand for a few weeks, then back to the US for a few weeks, then back in Thailand

Might do some shorter trips to Singapore and the Philippines but generally chilling and working in Bangkok and trying to grow that MRR 💸

Looks like you are mostly planned out!

In Krakow this week and hopefully will spend summer in London, Krakow and Germany

Krakow is not that far from me! I would let you know if I am around.

I'm staying in the same US state, most likely, but I'm going to a blacksmithing retreat for 3 days during my birthday weekend in July! Just 3 days in the desert smashing steel for 12 hours a day.

But for the rest of it, I'm staying home in a tiny town in the mountains being a mom, writing for companies, and growing MRR so I can stop working 80+ hours a week.

Ooooo smashing steel in a desert? That's quite something. Can I ask why do you work 80+ hours a week?

I have my own freelance clients, freelance at several agencies, and am building out community and digital products. It's a lot 🤣 I've always enjoyed working a lot, too, though -- as long as it's on my own terms lol.

Yes, that's the most important. I understand well what you mean.

Honestly, if I hated it, it'd be a different story and I'd need to rethink what I'm doing. It's stressful, but it's fulfilling.

In us, heading back to egypt 🇪🇬🥳

Leaving Bournemouth, UK, for Stockholm's archipelago on Thursday.

Then plans were Thailand but as @ben might be out of country, I might delay that and that means I'm kinda wide open. Could end up in Sardinia or Sicily, or Marbella, or Zanzibar. As I said, wide open.

Also, I currently support myself as a systematic stock trader and if by luck I hit a jackpot I might just decide I'm getting a large flat in LA over the summer.

Sorry, not much clarity, but at least for the coming weeks I'll be in Stockholm archipelago.

I know you had mentioned wanting to come to Thailand before and asked some questions about the country and I answered some of them, but to be very clear I never once asked you to visit. I mean, I thought you mentioned you were coming here on a Muay Thai visa of some kind. Is that not the case?

I’m always happy to meet WIPers if they happen to be in my area or passing through on the way to somewhere else, but considering I didn’t ask you to visit in the first place, to say that you’re thinking about changing your travel plans because I’m not here is a strange thing to say.

EDIT: I don't know if I took your post the wrong way or not. If it's more of a "hey, thinking about going to Thailand anyway and I might as well go at a time when other makers are there" -- then sure, I get that.

You took it 100% the wrong way dude.

Don’t you read the several ”might” in that sentence? Way too confrontational.

Yep, I read it. Hopefully you can see how there “might” be some room for interpretation there

That said, I apologize - seems I got it wrong. Not the first time I’ve done so! Hope you have a good trip in Thailand either way.

Ok, my fault then. Basically just don’t want to be sole the reason anyone cancels travel plans.

Going to Canada again (if the border control is nice) lol

Currently in Warsaw, and planning on going to Lisbon this summer for a bit.