What topics would you like to discuss during our weekly voice calls?

As you might know we started doing weekly WIP voice calls with the community. Each Friday we pick a topic and discuss it for an hour.

We'd like to know which topics you'd be interested in?

Some examples of previous topics:

  • Sales for founders
  • Dealing with the ups and downs of bootstrapping a business
  • Product launch, tips and tricks
  • How to pick a good domain name

Share your suggestions in the comments.

How has your perspective changed after launching several successful products/businesses vs. the first time when you weren't sure if you would make money from it?

How important was seeing that first $1 (in whatever currency) come in?

How has your process changed after each successful product launch?

as it was said on telegram:
🔥🔊 ROAST by Voice: Get useful feedback on your product during the voice call.
(once a month?)

Because Maker businesses are so varying it might be useful to have some calls around specific types for folks to connect, eg:

  • SaaS
  • B2C
  • Drop shipping

I like that idea. Instead of having a specific topic like sales, we can target specific type of makers/businesses that face specific challenges.

In addition to the ones you mentioned, some other ideas:

  • E-commerce
  • Content / publishing (e.g. BetaList)
  • Enterprise-oriented
  • Platform-based (e.g. built on top of Shopify, etc)
  • Mobile-first / mobile apps
  • Marketplaces
  • Browser extensions (e.g. Grammarly)