What's your opinion about Lexington Themes pricing?

Just curious.
What's your opinion about Lexington Themes pricing?

Individually, as one template for $99
Individual bundle for $199
Team bundle for $499

The bundle includes all themes, currently 25 and future additions plus new updates. A one off payments.

What is your take?

for context you can see the pricing and content here:

Thank you in advance!

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Never heard of them. I usually use creative-tim themes.

Well, feel free to try the demos.

I am the one designing and building the themes. I launched on February and I already have over 2600 customers.

Great success so far. If you work with Astro, Tailwind CSS and MDX you might enjoy them! All the themes are multipage and include lot's of demo pages from themes with 20 to themes with over 40 or 50 pages.

I think the pricing is fine. It reminds me a lot of tailwindui pricing which has proven time and time again to be an effective model.

So far, is effective to be franc. Do you think is high?

To me it seems good. With more themes the appeal gets better too.

Have you listened to Adam Walthans podcast episode where he talks about the pricing for tailwind ui? I think it’s called something like “lifetime pricing is underrated”

No, I havent.

In any case he is right. Is underrated plus I want my customers to actually own the product not rent it.

I am not into subscriptions, don't like it at all.