What's your favorite thing to do off-screen?

Read, or listen to podcast/audiobooks (not sure how offscreen that is though). Right now I’m reading Artemis by Andy Weir and The Prince by Machiavelli, both super awesome books! I definetly would recommend them!

Wait, there's life off-screen?

Jk, here are some of my favorite things to do:
- Teaching (slash mentoring slash public speaking slash organising events). I've had a huge number of bad teachers in my life which led to me being almost a fully self-taught person – so I'm on a life quest to try to make people more autonomous and experience what learning and growing really feels like
- Every year by the end of the summer I throw a big party. It's called "Summer Closing Party", and I just really love the whole process of planning it, which takes months of just joking/talking with friends about absurd possibilities – and a few weeks of actually organising it. It's supposed to be the last great party before the summer ends and we all have to get back to our routines. It's all about saying goodbye to the summer with the people I care the most about. It makes sense here in Spain, you get awesome weather to do night bbqs and play with water and all that even in September nights
- I'm really into drones and 3D printing lately. Just building them is a lot of fun, plus both drones and 3D printing allow you to mix tech with art and I'm amused by the endless possibilities
- Photography/Filmmaking

Wow, that summer party sounds like an awesome tradition!

  1. Skiing (alpine or x-country)
  2. Talk a long walk listening to hardcore history while with the kid is sleeping in the stroller

How about you @pugson?

Run while listening to podcast. Cycle during the weekend. Play football twice a week. Try to meditate almost every day. Read a fiction before going to bed.

Diving since i stay on Koh Tao Thailand. Its perfect for relaxing from coding and business troubles and makes you sleep easy. It feels so real and great visuals also ;)

playing tennis / running /