What's everyone's favorite logging and alerting software to monitor your apps?

For log management in general, I've used the Elasticsearch stack and Splunk at past jobs - but those are insanely expensive and meant for big companies. Way out of budget for now. I've also tried's free plan before but they dropped logs and the interface was pretty bad last I checked. Any recommendations for a very cost effective, ideally free solution for application logs?

For alerting, I'm thinking of just adding a simple "send all error logs to Discord webhook" which would be free.

What do you all swear by for logs and alerts?

@mike in case you're thinking about this right now as well

my current thinking is i won't add logging (and tests!) until some higher level of user activity 🙊

you might like logtail, i remember they had a free plan

in the past i had just logged to filesystem and logrotate. i've also worked at a place which streamed to kinesis. or cloudwatch.

ha, I can understand the desire to not have these things upfront - that said, given the nature of the authentication product I am prioritizing writing tests with things that I build

do you mean this? - looks like this is the new version of logtail/maybe it got renamed

Not sure if it fits your bill, @ben, but I’m using Sentry for free to log events and monitor errors and exceptions on Pretty powerful and cost-effective. You can also host it yourself because it’s FOSS. Feel free to ask me if curious.

Huh, interesting. I've also used Sentry at a past job but figured it was only useful for tracking errors, not logs in general. Are you using it for "info" level logs too?

By default Sentry tracks errors/exceptions, but you can use the JS API to log whatever you want. Kinda console.log() but on your users’s machine. You can log “${user} has logged in”, and you get that registered plus an email each time somebody logs in. I wouldn’t probably use it for the long run, but it’s powerful for debugging.

I use Google Cloud logging for "info" level logs (and above), and Sentry for alerting me to unhandled exceptions.

I haven't directly done this yet, but I think will be pretty useful for the alertable side. It's more intended for general event tracking, but there's nothing stopping you from using it for specific notifications.

That way you can also keep things out of slack and emails and in its own app.

My test use case so far has been sending myself a daily push notification from my personal automation repo, which will contain basic financial stats, a quote, etc. Works pretty well.

Will take a look, thanks!

+1 for LogSnag, I use it and it's great. Plus, there's built-in SaaS metrics coming soon which I'm using in beta at the moment - impressed so far.

I just built my own using and MongoDB atlas. All free.
Used ChatGPT to write the code as I don't really know how to build NodeJS projects. It has basic logging, I split messages up into different streams. on the same page. A bit like TweetDeck (if anyone remembers that)

I built my own using Telegram API for logs notifications.
To monitor the cronjobs for the bots I use
Uptimerobot to check if the server goes down

awesome. yeah i used telegram for awhile. i found it rate limited you if you sent too many or if there were bursts of logs.
i totally rate the telegram solution for low volume. i think its a real good choice.
might add that into my vercel app

At the moment I'm not using anything - I just store logs locally, and if I need them I can usually find them. Centralized logging - the last time I used something paid was LogDNA - now renamed - - it was pretty solid and not too expensive. They still seem to have a free plan for tailing only.