What’s a good name for BetaList Jobs spin-off? #betalistjobs

I'm planning to spin off BetaList Jobs into its own website. I'm looking for a new name with an available or for-sale domain name.

  • Memorable name. One or two words.
  • .com or .co should be available
  • Cannot use .jobs extension (they are restricted)
  • Budget is low $x,xxx depending on domain quality
  • No domain hacks or misspellings
I'd love a tongue-in-cheek reference to startup culture, but open to more (boring) descriptive, SEO-friendly names too. ? :P

More seriously, unless you're looking to brand the site completely differently I like the way 'beta' can also be read as 'better' - so betawork, betajobs, betalife.. all taken but 2 are pretty much undeveloped. Might be worth a quick email offer of $250 or so and see if it goes anywhere?

This was on PH a few days ago:
Generates short, brandable names with AI based on keywords you put in. Checks if the .com is available too. You might find a good name there

Jobs @ Beta
job at / .com
Jobs at

Or you could just go with and use a brand name like the one above “Jobs @ BetaList” plus is free 👍🏻