What kind of template you need for?

What is THE template/theme you need to launch your next business?
Tell me, I'll create it and include it in  #supernuxt  

You might have better luck asking on Nuxt specific forums, not sure how many Nuxt users are here :)

Ok I understand but when you launch your mvp, what template you use?

I use my own #businessclass so I have there Stripe + Paddle subscriptions, deployment with Kamal, blog, and many small cool things.

I'm using Nuxt but I kind of built my own template over time.

Here's what I'm using and would want if I did not have it:
- Nuxt 3 with i18n and already optimized for SEO
- Shadcn Vue components / Nuxt UI components
- Templates for all basic pages (landing, pricing, terms, ...)
- Signup/Login with multiple SSO (Google, Twitter, ...)
- A way to send emails
- Stripe subscriptions
- Everything in a a Turborepo monorepo

Right now im using my own repo, which is a custom Nuxt layer

Nuxt 3 DX is really something, so it's a great start for this kind of project. For side-projects or client MVPs, I don’t even bother to set up a backend project anymore, as Nuxt can now handle this with its included nitro server

Everything can run on the edge, APIs can be written inside the server/ folder, and you directly have the typings inside Vue components when you call them => no need for any trpc library.

For design system, I'm currently using (and it’s pro version + they have a nice Figma file for rapid prototyping), but there are great alternatives such as shadcn-vue or RadixVue

For Auth, I'm using LuciaAuth

For analytics: Google Analytics or Plausible

For emails: VueEmail with a provider like Resend or Postmark

For payment: You will surely have to allow Stripe or Lemonsqueezy payment at a glance

Internationalisation is not a must for me, anyway it's quite easy to set this up with this module

I played a lot with ORM and DB provider in the past, such as Firebase, Supabase, typeorm, mikroorm, etc.
To me the best DX for the ORM are either Prisma or DrizzleORM. And TursoDB or Supabase for DB hosting.
I am currently using DrizzleORM cuz it allows me to run TursoDB for the cloud. In local dev, I don’t even bother to complicate, and I just use a sqlite.db file.

If your target is indie-hackers who want to speed up things but with minimal cost, I think you should definitely allow them to have a great DX, something deployable in a few clicks, on low cost serverless platforms such as Cloudflare or Vercel (mmmmh not so cheap cost actually 😅).

I think what the core nuxt team is doing with NuxtHub is great. They are building open-source tools to leverage cloudflare services quite easily. So I think if I had to build a boilerplate product, I would use this.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks for your awesome reply! Do you have a theme or a template you use with that?
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I built #toyboxforlaravel specifically for my own needs for launching. I like using bleeding edge and "non-standard" stuff, and vertical scaling, as well as tight code quality enforcement with tools like Duster, Rector, and Rustywind.

Have yet to launch something with it as I've been focusing on freelancing, but have played around with actually using it and getting it on a live server with some success.

Really cool project! I tried laravel in its infancy and it was really cool.


I'm biased having worked with it for most of my career, but I genuinely believe Laravel is top tier for product development speed right now, beyond meta-frameworks for frontend like Next/Nuxt. There are some areas where it's even ahead of Rails, which is the real OG here.

Just the first-party ecosystem alone is insane value!