What does your workspace look like today?

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Hotel room in Eindhoven

Marcccc.. 😮 You always bring your iMac wherever you go? #SendMeThatSticker!

Haha no. I normally use my MacBook Pro, but when I'm in the Netherlands I use my iMac I've got stored here.

My home office electrical desk, which is slowly becoming too full for all the things I'm putting on it. 😅

A little bit cluttered home office 😄

That desk needs more stickers!


This is my home office setup from back in mid-March. I added another light and upgraded to a new MBP since then.

Genuinely curious here. Why so many monitors man? 😀

I like it, and I think it's pretty productive for development with a big asterisk. The asterisk is that 90% of my day I'm only using two monitors and my laptop screen.

Three years ago, I knew I wanted dual monitors (two on the left), so I ordered two at the same time to have the same brightness, resolution, and other settings.

I run my IDE full screen with a few columns to see my code side-by-side. I normally split-screen another monitor to see what I'm working on and have docs up at the same time. I usually use a live-reload tool so I can see my changes without every leaving my IDE so I can glance over to view it. On my laptop screen, I run iTerm 2 full-screen.

The monitor on the far right was my previous "big" monitor that I have had for 10+ years, which I mostly use as an entertainment screen. It still works well, and I run an HDMI switch off of it. I have an Intel Skull NUC running Linux, Apple TV (works great as a fourth screen or to cast from my iPhone or iPad), a Nintendo Switch, and it's useful for random stuff.

My two-year-old son uses my iPad Pro (far left), but I was charging it on my desk, so I left it in there.

Pro-tip: Find what works for you. Some people do better with one big screen with multiple desktops. I find desktop switching to be distracting, so I mostly avoid it. I like seeing everything spread out and in their place. Follow your Arrow, though. There is no one size fits all answer for everyone as long as you can limit your distractions.

Late to the thread, but wanted to hop in!

This post actually encouraged me to tidy up my working space, so thank you :)

I have a light umbrella and boom-mic at my desk to facilitate online instruction for software engineering courses (I teach application development as my 9-to-5).

Love the light setup. Do you do any Twitch streaming as well?

Not at the moment, but I'd love to get into it. Having a stream where people can follow my coding process sounds like fun, but I'd have to figure out how to hide sensitive information

Yeah hiding sensitive stuff like API credentials is tricky. The simplest solution is to only work on stuff where the likelihood of exposing such things is low. (i.e. nothing involving API usage, production data, etc)

I use Custom hotkeys to change screens on the fly. So if I am looking at something that shouldn't be shown, I hide my screen temporarily.

And when its about using that sensitive bit in code, put that into a flat file somewhere and just read from it in code while you work on it on-stream. Easy fix! :)

My current WFH setup - with dog foot warmer as it's currently cold in Sydney

Haha. That's a good doggo. What's her/his name?

Does your neck not hurt with that big of a vertical screen? When I rotate my 27" screen to be vertical, its tall enough to cause my neck to hurt. Yours look even taller.

It's ok - I tend to do most of my work on the centre screen and I use the right hand screen for reference. Left hand screen is actually a TV as I'm a Roku dev in my day job.