What do you think about my MVP?

My idea is a list of startup ideas. I've already coded a simple, upvote / comment system allowing the best ideas to rise to the top.

I've come up with two options.

a) "IdeaList" — Discuss your own ideas before you decide to build them

b) "Please Someone Build ..." — A list of ideas which OTHER people want built.

Currently I'm thinking of including both lists on my site. What would you change?All opinions welcome! Thanks

Someone at IndieHackers recently started a google sheet where people crowd-sourced what problem they would see solved & how much they are willing to pay for it. I liked the idea very much. So, yeah incorporate that into your execution.

Also, for upvoted ideas, maybe provide a way for people to talk to others who might be interested in building it or already has started? Otherwise, multiple people start building the same thing, which could have meant a better product if people collaborated? Just thinking out loud.

yeah definately. really helpful. thanks ashish,
i like both ideas a lot .

i suppose the question is whether i implement them now or wether i ship a really simple mvp!