What Chrome Extensions do you recommend?

What's your favorite Chrome Extensions you use in your daily life?

FF user, but these are on Chrome too:

Dark Reader (set to inverted mode so only sites you want are given dark mode
Stylus (with Catpuccin theme for as many sites as it works on)
+1 for Refined Github
SponsorBlock to get rid of sponsor segments in YT vids
Unhook for Youtube to remove the more addictive parts of YT
uBlock Origin (for as long as that's still around on Chrome in a usable format)
Reddit Enhancement Suite (of course only relevant if you use the old reddit design)
Mastodon4 Redirect - you set your home Mastodon server, and all other Mastodon links will redirect to the equivalent link to your server. Solves the annoyance of having to re-search for people you want to follow on the Fediverse

  • Vue.js devtools (if you're a Vue dev)
  • BitWarden (password management)
  • uBlock Origin (ad blocker)
  • Stream Cleaner (twitch specific ad blocker)
  • Unplug (site blocker to prevent distractions)
  • SponsorBlock (blocks sponsored segments in youtube videos - uses crowdsourced start and end times for sponsor segments for each video)
  • ColorZilla (simple color picker to let you know which color is being used for a given element on a webpage)
  • uBlock Origin
  • Adblock Plus
  • 1Password
  • z-context (to fight z-index mayhem 😎)


uBlock Origin

Surfshark of other VPN


It depends what kind of work you do! I'm a content writer, copywriter, strategist, and community leader, so I tend to have extensions that help me with my work (and keep me on track).

• Adblock
• Dark mode - forever dark mode
• Toggl - tracks time for client projects (and so I can see how much time I'm wasting on non-work stuff during work hours)
• Keywords Everywhere
• SEOQuake
• Workona - a free tab manager that I literally cannot function without; it keeps all my tabs organized by project so I ONLY see what I need in the moment
• Ahref's SEO toolbar
• Detailed SEO Extension
• Google Docs Offline - so I can still work when I'm deep in the canyons hiding from the world :)
• Malware Bytes Browser Guard
• Privacy Badger
• Loom - I would perish without this.
• Stay Focused
• Save to Pocket - saves articles and random shit I find
• Clearbit - to find the right info to cold email for new clients
• ColorZilla
• Taco - task portal
• Productivity Owl - it counts down the time I have to be on the distracting website then shuts it down automatically when it hits 0 (I use a phone app called Minimalist Phone that does the same thing, and it's a life changer!)
• Papier - to take notes (but then I transfer the notes to Notion at the end of the day) -- be careful with this because if you delete your browser history, your notes disappear with it.

All my extensions have one thing in common: fix/improve the sites I use.

  • uBlock Origin (in Advanced mode)
  • Tampermonkey (add custom JS and CSS to any site)
  • Improve Youtube (hide all sections/features you don't like)
  • Control Panel for Twitter (hide all sections/features you don't like)

Thanks for all your replies guys, here are extensions I use.
• Web Developer
• BuiltWith
• WhatFont
• SEOquake
• Html to Framer
• SimilarWeb