What are your business goals for 2021?

Share your business goals for the new year.

  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • How do you plan to get there?
  • And how can the WIP community help you? 

Share your personal goals in this thread:

#suse : I’m hoping to produce 12 small stories this year (mostly audio ads). Since this is a side hustle happening on the weekend, 1 ad per month seems to be realistic for me.

I plan to get there by offering the majority of them pro-bono to projects / companies / organizations I sincerely like. The resulting word of mouth should give me some social proof, attention and leads for paid work.

The WIP community can help me get there by telling me whether they’re interested in a pro-bono story-centered audio ad. But I will ask that question explicitly at a different place here at WIP.

#wip : I want to bring WIP to more people, while retaining the feeling of a tight-knit community. I think the way to get there is to better facilitate the usage of WIP within smaller sub-communities. Some of this is already happening organically with different Telegram groups (both public and private ones). I think there are ways to better support this though. Will require some experimentation.

#startupjobs : The last year I've focused primarily on increasing organic traffic. This has paid off really well, but revenue is still lacking. So this year I plan on continuing growing the traffic, but also start looking into different revenue models. I plan on doing some customer interviews to better understand the customers' needs (especially on the recruiting side). WIP can help me by introducing me to people in the HR space I can talk to. Ideally people with experience working at high-growth tech startups.

#betalist : The goals here are optimizing some admin workflows that are quite cumbersome and sell more sponsorships. Specifically $5,000+ deals and recurring sponsorships rather than the one-off campaigns we currently run. WIP can help by introducing me to potential sponsors.

I found a nice niche in 2020 (TailwindCSS). Time to make more passive incomes on this niche and quit my shitty job! I will create multiple products on this niche and market them together like a "package." Nothing too shinny, but probably good ones to make a passive income and focus on building more sophisticated products after.

#mistral : I need to keep improving it over the months and market it better. 80% of my customers are French, so I hope to make more sales around the world.

#mastertailwind (comingsoon) : A visual book to master TailwindCSS, in English. I use Notion & selling it through Gumroad.

#tailwindcourse (coming soon) : A French course to learn TailwindCSS on Udemy

Build a super-secret product with @fotiosdotcom . I've learned a lot talking to Fotios; this guy is like the Wikipedia of stocks market. So I'm really excited to launch something with him!

I would like to create some info products. Also, I'd want to write less code but have higher impact. In 2020 I wrote many lines of code which did not get much anywhere so I think it is good to step back and do it only if it is absolutely necessary.

#hotwirecourse : This is going to be a course on how to build modern web applications using Hotwire. I'm now in the process of creating it.

Further this year I'm thinking to create a handbook on how to incorporate a company in the Netherlands. Basically a simple guide about boring stuff you need to take into account when running a business. When you have no idea about this, it can feel very intimidating.

#speqt Finally hoping to get this product out and see how it will pan out. There are interest from the market which we're now in process of testing.

Looking forward to that Hotwire Course! Be sure to share it on as well!

Thanks Marc! Will do so :)

I would really like to ship 12x Microsaas products this year.

  • Get users for #munique
  • Sail faster than 30 knots. Aiming at 35 this year.