What are the examples of one-off SAAS?

One off SAAS are basically SAAS on which you work on only once in the beginning & after that there is little to no development, only maintenance. Do you know any examples of such?

A lot of SAAS would be considered one-off SAAS if you were not going to add new features. So anywhere you can get away with solving just one problem and not have to add more features to grow/retain users, would be ideal.

I have spent a lot of time to figure out such ideas, but they are very very rare, almost non-existent. Everything demands constant maintenance (Which can be little or huge). Such is the case of software.

Nice answer to the point. How can I forget, software requirements are never ending. But working on something for too long bores me personally. I guess I have to get used to it. I can limit features. That would be my one-off SAAS. But do people use a software/app which isn't updated for 2 years or more?

If it keeps on solving that problem, sure, why not.

B2B always better than B2C.

Courses and books. Though that might not be software, per se, but I'd still consider it a SaaS since most of them use proprietary dashboards to view the content.

Yep but this is for later. Right now its software. Also, books & courses take a lot of time bcz I don't know how to do it. I'm gonna totally copy Wes Bos for courses 😂 if I ever do it in future (maybe 1 year later or not)